The Sweetest Superfood

We are about communicating our superlicious essence out to the world. It’s about changing the perception that people have about superfoods. Not all superfoods need to look and taste boring. Some superfoods are actually super sweet, exciting and delicious. Sweet Revenge brings out the tasty side of dates and positions us as a yummy enough snack to stand up to anything else on the shelf. And the best part: We’re healthy.

Our Products

Our Values

Healthy Living

We believe life is best enjoyed with balance. Whether it’s work, food, or fun; we believe healthy equals happy.


No stale dates here. We provide the freshest, tastiest dates you can find. Deliciousness at every step, guaranteed.

The Planet

From production to packaging, we strive to improve for the planet. We care deeply about the environment's impact.


We believe our attitudes should be as sweet as our dates. We bring sweetness into all aspects of our business.

Each Other

We know we can’t do this alone. We deeply value our families, friends, partners, and customers who make this dream real.


Bam is just being bam.. fighting sugar anytime and anywhere.

Bam's Story


We want North America to start seeing dates as a delicious & nutritious part of their daily diet. Our Vision: Get the world off unhealthy sugary foods with the sweetest superfood around.


Listen, we’re not gonna sugarcoat it…artificial treats aren’t so sweet. Sure, a quick
hit of sugar can turn that frown upside down for a few minutes, but then what? You
come crashing back to reality feeling more sour than sweet. But that doesn’t need
to be the case.
There’s a new snack in town that’s all smiles and no frowns. It’s packed with so
many nutrients it’s considered a superfood. And it’s got so much sweet flavour it’ll
make your sweet tooth go, “BAM! That’s good”. Don’t believe us? Try it for
yourself. We know you’ll love the sweet caramel flavour with hints of chocolate
and the way it makes you feel.
So, join the fight for food that’s right & seek sweet revenge with every bite.


Born on a palm tree in a faraway land, Bam quickly learned what it
meant to be a date. From its soft creamy texture to its chocolatey
caramel flavour, Bam knew it was born to please the sweet tooth.

Bam watched as locals plucked its family members one-by-one off the
tree. They’d say things like “oh la la, it’s so sweet” or “wow, I can’t
believe it’s a superfood”. Bam couldn’t wait for its turn to be picked, and
to serve its purpose in life, but that wasn’t Bam’s destiny…

One day while catching some rays, Bam felt an elderly woman’s soft
hands pluck it gently from the tree. It was so excited to finally share its
flavour, but that’s not what happened. Suddenly, everything went dark,
and Bam realized it was inside a bag with a bunch of other dates. None
of them knew what was going on. After a few hours, they heard a boat
horn, and waves in the ocean. When they finally saw the light of day,
they found themselves on a grocery store shelf in a place
called Canada.